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“Lộ quậy” loosely means “discover” in Vietnamese — and is Chef Quỳnh Brown’s invitation to guests to explore her thoughtful, bold re-imagination of Vietnamese cuisine that casts the country’s vibrant, familiar flavours with contemporary techniques.


At Lộ Quậy, we mirror the vibrancy of global influences while maintaining a strong link to Vietnamese roots. Our mission is to blend modernity with nostalgia, evoking a sense of intrigue and fascination with every dish, drink, and piece of art.


A new addition to Singapore’s culinary scene, Chef Quỳnh is part of the vanguard of Vietnamese chefs reshaping their country’s cuisine on a global stage. Drawing from nearly two decades of experience encompassing contemporary Japanese and European cuisine, including a remarkable 14-year tenure with Nobu and Zuma, she has birthed Lộ Quậy — a unique 54-seat dining experience that pays homage to her roots while showcasing her ever-evolving skills in what’s being hailed as New Vietnamese Cuisine.

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